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“Thank you” 

Arthur’s last words.  Thank you, there are so many meanings in this phrase, of course; “Thank you”, but also “I love you”, “you are my best friend”, “I will always remember you”, and “I’m sorry”, followed by a few moments of silence, loving silence, silence that never needs words to explain, silence showing the past, present and future, silence showing the progress and change, the men they’ve become… short lived silence… 

“Thank you” perfectly explains our feelings as fans.  Thank you Merlin for 5 series of beautiful, hilarious, tearful, meaningful moments, with characters we are sexually attracted to, and characters that we wish we could throw into a pit of man eating crocodiles, and everything in between.  Thank you for allowing us this final moment between the two men we love most.  Thank you, thank you for Merlin 

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